I just came back from my big adventure in Nepal; the Manaslu Trekking. On my relax and recover day I […]
Day 4 Walk up the hill and into the future Today we did a day-hike. Up to Magengoth 3260m high. […]
9 Nepali boys, 3 Dutch girls, 1 Nepali coach trainee, 3 Nepali coaches, 1 Dutch coach, 1 Dutch Camera lady, […]
Just like that being part of MCC It wasn’t until we got 4 men visiting the office in my second […]
Just like that seeing a big bird of prey flying I’ve worked since I was twelve and often more jobs […]
A little while ago I ran into an old friend in Eindhoven, excited as I am, I told her about […]
To take a look at their website, click here! Mountain Child Care is a Dutch non-profit organisation for whom I […]
Dear , I would like to ask your attention for the following. I am going to Kathmandu, Nepal from November […]