My name is Amy Ruiters, shocker… I know. I am 22 years old while writing this but like my mum always says: ‘I feel/am all the ages I’ve been so far’. Some who read this, might know me already, while others choose to discover this page without a clear picture of the girl behind the writings.

Well this is me: I am a happy person. I chose the name “Amy Ruiters – amazed by the world” because I am amazed by the world every day! I’m the person who will laugh when I see colourful flowers, I’ll run after a butterfly and I’ll stop when the clouds and light are perfectly aligned for a picture. I’ll lend a hand to someone who needs it and will run after you if I see you’ve dropped your wallet. I’m down to earth, hardworking and committed in everything I do.

I truly believe I can do anything! Yes, I am that annoying friend with the positive mindset. I’m not a super naïve dreamer, maybe a little bit of a dreamer and believer in the goodness of people, but I do use my brain. I make things happen. I’m a social being and will put others before myself. Sometimes I annoy myself by how hippy(esque) I can sound, like right now, but I tend to think of myself as a new-age-hippy: open-minded and nature loving yet fully integrated in society and able to act normal… sometimes haha.

I am who I am due to my amazing surroundings ( &upbringing), and because of the choices I make. I consider myself to be a lucky person and I am very grateful for this. My dad is a Consciousness Coach and thanks to him I was able to follow the ‘Awareness trainings’ by CCI when I was 15 years old. I am a life coach which means that if my friends were to struggle, I wouldn’t give them advice… but I would ask them the most annoying question that will (hopefully) give them the insight to be able to solve their struggle by themselves. About my mother I can tell you that she is the most creative person I know. She taught me to enjoy the little things and that’s what I admire the most about her. That being said, my parents are both huge music fans and are quite the adventurers themselves. I can honestly say that it is due to their free and loving upbringing that my brother, sister and I were taught to be independent, strong and openminded people, it is something that I can only wish to one day pass on.

Now more about me, I studied Arts & Culture majoring in Knowledge & Technology. I didn’t pursue this because it would set me up for a high-paying job……I checked the employment rate, spoiler it wasn’t great. I honestly chose to do it because I loved the courses and fields that I got to learn about.  Besides university my life is filled with being a girl-scout, singing in the shower, mountain biking with my father, dancing in bars with my friends, tasting craft beers at ‘Café de Zwaan’- where I have worked for 7 years, reading books, occasionally some arts & crafts with my mother, kickboxing, running etc.

I first caught the backpack virus when I travelled to Uganda for 2 weeks with Worldmapping. The experience made me decide to take a gap-year after secondary school and discover more of the world, and thus I backpacked throughout South-East Asia for 2,5 months. Since then, I’ve explored Europe by taking short trips and interrail. In 2018 I decided to leave the Netherlands and follow an exchange program in the U.K. for 6 months. Upon arrival I fell in love with the people and (pub)culture. Being back in the Netherlands I still try to hop on a coach to visit the U.K. again whenever I can.

And… now we are here. Only a short while away from Nepal! My dad briefly mentioned the option of  travelling to Nepal and it instantly triggered the travelling virus. I can’t wait, a new opportunity! Within two weeks of finding out, researching and becoming more excited I booked my ticket! It’s almost time to leave so here I am setting up this blog, the first of many. Oh, and I’ve decided to go to Australia in April till.. well who knows.

I guess this is me, but any questions are always welcome. If it was not yet clear from this piece, I kinda enjoy talking although writing about myself has proven to be more difficult than I expected! Till the next blog


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