Just like that being part of MCC

It wasn’t until we got 4 men visiting the office in my second week working for MCC, that I fully understood what the organisation actually does for the Nepali youth. Suraj told us all the complete story of why their work is so important and has a lasting impact. Suraj himself went through on a QuestTrek coming from a youth-house of one of the partner organisations. Watch his story here: https://youtu.be/kfdJCMeqBcs . The youth are not sad or need to be pitied upon however there background and future is not easy.

Suraj started by explaining where most of the youth come from. MCC works with several partner organisations. These have all been screened and carefully chosen. It is important that the social workers are involved with the youth from their organisation. The organisations also need to provide education, proper housing and food and they need to have a clean record. When this is present, the team from MCC gets into contact with the organisation and the youth to see if there are youth eligible for the QuestTrek and if this would fit within the programme of the organisation itself. The youth in these homes don’t come from the easiest background. Suraj explained that a lot have lost parents during the civil war. Some lost both their parents others lost their father which leaves their mother without the time and money to take proper care of her child(ren). Some of the youth come from families where there is economically not enough prosperity to facilitate good care.

The youth-homes they work with are not bad places. They take very good care of the youth and most provide with even better education, private, than the public education which is freely given by the government, and mostly not so good. Some of the partner organisations that work with MCC, even provide up to a bachelor’s degree their education. However, during their stay in these homes, the youth don’t learn everything. When they are old enough to leave, there is a big gap between the homes and ‘real’ society. Nepali society is built on relations. Relations within family, with friends and networks with colleagues are very important. If someone alone is looking for an apartment, instead of with their family, most landlords will not take them. Also, in making decisions it is very common in Nepal to ask advice. Suraj explained: ‘If I would have some money, I would ask my parents what to do with it, my friends and maybe my colleague’. For the youth it can be hard to be decisive, or know to whom they to listen. Also, they have lived in a rather closed community which does not represent the society. Some have no connection or good connection to their family or their family culture and others don’t know how to make new social contacts. Besides this, most of the youth struggle with their past. They tell themselves the story, which might also be linked to the old but rooted caste-system, that they are not worthy because of their background.

This gap, this story, this is where MCC jumps in. During the QuestTrek the youth learn to be independent individuals, while at the same time honor the collectivity. They learn how to step out of the story of their past and look at a future they want. Building up relations, stepping out of the comfort zone and listening to others but in the end guide themselves.  They learn self-love and value. After the QuestTrek, the youth go into the QuestTribe programme which is stretched over a year. During this year they will attend 6 training days with hands-on tools and practice and individual coaching to support them in their new insights and future plans after the trek.

The impact of the programme of MCC is unbelievable. The youth gain so many new insights and will step into the society empowered and connected. They will work hard, follow their talents and dreams. Besides the impact they will make in what they do, they will probably also inspire others along the way. Personal leadership is something wonderful to achieve for all people. The youth are the future right? Imagine what they will achieve and who they will inspire being their authentic selves?!



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