During my studies, tourism & culture, I like to reflect on my own travel behaviour. For one of the assignments […]
Sometimes writing a blog for you all to read feels like I’m also publishing my diary… I’m behind on so […]
Let me take you on a journey; a sneak peak into my lovely life in Nepal. We’ll start with some […]
After our wild adventure in the jungle the AA holiday girls went to Pokhara. Pokhara is west of Kathmandu, about […]
After Christmas in Nepal we worked in the office for a while but then it was time for our mini […]
I’m not a believer and yet I value Christmas and the stories that come with it very much. I have […]
I was nervous to hike by myself. It felt like I was still doing something that was not really allowed, […]
7am : Today is the 12th day and we got hopefully only 3 more days to hike down. Because of […]
The last two days were intense. In Samdo we decided not to cross the Larke pass because of the snowfall, […]
Day 9 +-2pm in Samdo 3850m: Being far away from all the comforts at home one realises what comfort is […]